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What is Rockbox?

Rockbox is an Open Source replacement firmware for the Archos Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio and Recorder MP3 players.


2002-10-15: Now the Player/Studio models run the same firmware. No more Old and New player firmware.

2002-10-11: Version 1.4 is released. Grab it.

2002-09-19: We now support multiple languages. You can help by translating Rockbox to your language. No programming skills required. See instructions here

(Old news items have moved to a separate page.)

Recent CVS activity


This is a rough indication of which features we plan/expect/hope to be included in which versions. Naturally, this is all subject to change without notice.

Version 2.0
Recording, Autobuild playlists, File/directory management

About the hardware

I wrote a "dissection" page some months ago, showing the inside of the Archos and listing the main components. I have also collected a couple of data sheets. Also, don't miss the research notes from my reverse-engineering the firmware.

About the software

The player has one version of the firmware in ROM. The first thing this version does after boot is to look for a file called "archos.mod" on the Player/Studio or "ajbrec.ajz" on the recorder in the root directory of the harddisk. If it exists, it is loaded into RAM and started. This is how firmware upgrades are loaded. Note that you can revert to the ROM version by just deleting the firmware file.

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